Club Policy


We operate a strictly 21+ policy and valid photo identification will be required for admission. Management and security staff retain the right of admission to the venue at any stage. Don’t spoil your night by causing trouble – details of any incidents are very quickly shared between all West end Venues. Keeping Piccadilly Institute a safe place is a very high priority for us. A search policy may be in effect and should you decline it will be assumed you have something to hide and will be refused entry on that basis.


Guest List

  1. We operate “all night free entry for Ladies and Gentlemen” before 10.00pm and fees will apply afterward.
  2. All male groups and single guest are not accepted at the door. We accept mixed groups only. Entries of all male groups on the guest list will automatically be declined.
  3. By entering into the guest list does not guarantee entry. Reasons for denied access is stated in the Entry & Door policy. The venue management and door staff have the right to refuse entry.
  4. Photo identification is required for all club nights. Photo I.D is either Passport or Driver’s Licence (or provisional licence) only. Photocopies of these are not accepted. If you are from abroad please bring passport identification.
  5. Different venues have different minimum age restriction for each club. Please read the age requirements carefully on the web page before you enter your details into the guest list.
  6. If in the event that our venue is at full capacity, the door security and events team operate on a policy of one-person leaves and one person enters policy. Every venue has a strict maximum capacity number. There can be no exceptions with exceeding this.
  7. Management, security, any staff members of the club night or promotions team at the venue instead of nightclub have the right.
  8. If you have a table booking and have a group of guests and a member of your group is under the minimum age requirements and is not allowed into the club for any other reason (and some of your guests have already paid to enter the venue). If you and those guests chose to leave because that person is not allowed entrance we cannot refund the table booking deposit money back or entrance money for those who have already entered.
  9. Group bookings that accompany more guests that are stated on their list: those without names on the guest list maybe subject to the Non-Guest list priced entry. It should be further noted that again: entry is not guaranteed.
  10. LUCKYDOGS do not offer queue jumps unless for special reasons which will be written in an email to you.
  11. Entries at special prices before 11.00pm cannot always be guaranteed due to queues and timing of arrival. We recommend you arrive early to the Club Night. Those members entering a large queue late near the special offer ending time may not reach the front of the queue by the ending time of 10.00pm.



  1. We are unable to admit persons who are intoxicated or getting close to that point. If “just one more drink” is going to take you to that condition then we will refuse entry or not serve that drink.
  2. Please be aware that although it is not an exact science, if our bar or security staff feel that you have had enough to drink then you will be refused service and asked to leave the premises. This is for your own safety as well as to comply with the law.
  3. The management operate a policy of zero tolerance to drugs. Persons found in possession, or suspected to be under the influence of a controlled substance will be reported to the police.



Aggressive or violent behavior and abusive language will not be tolerated anywhere, either to staff or other customers.


Personal Items

  1. Piccadilly Institute cannot be held responsible for items left unattended in the venues.
  2. Coats and bags regardless of size, suitcases and all other luggage and clothing must be left in the cloakroom. You must not put them on other people’s tables, chairs, randomly on the floor or anywhere around club.
  3. If items are lost at a venue: we recommend you report this to the management immediately and you will have to wait until the end of the club night to retrieve your item.
  4. If you have realised that the item was lost or stolen at the party night the following day. Please contact the bar or club directly. We cannot guarantee that your item will be retrieved. We cannot be held accountable for lost or stolen items.


Venue Opening & Closing Times

  1. Piccadilly Institute opening and closing times. LUCKYDOGS cannot be held responsible for actions that lead to party nights ending prior to the stated time advertised. We expect the night to last for the entire duration it is advertised at however unforeseen circumstances can result in managers closing earlier. The management of the venue has the right to end the club night early.
  2. Early night closures that occur which are not in our control will not entitle you to a refund. If you have a complaint about the event of a party ending early we suggest that this issue should be taken up with the management of the venue. We cannot be held accountable for management of venues closing for their reasons.
  3. LUCKYDOGS will not be liable to you or your guests for any costs or expenses, including travel and or accommodation, which you may incur as a result of failing to comply with the above entry restrictions.
  4. In addition to the above, entry is still at the venue management’s discretion. It is your responsibility to ensure that when you purchase tickets or book an area or booth, that you are aware of the above restrictions and have forwarded the entry requirements onto the guests that you have invited.


Dress Code

  1. We politely request no sportswear, vests or football colours in the evening? Trainers are normally a no-no.
  2. Admission is subject to a dress code. Unless otherwise specified for an event, our dress code is “smart casual”. Think in terms of “no effort = no entry” and you will not go far wrong. Exceptions are made for genuine themes/fancy dress but “clean, tidy and decent” still apply.
  3. We think that a good night out is about feeling great and looking glam, so dress to impress but in a way that makes you comfortable.
  4. Trainers are generally not allowed in our venue. We operate on different dress codes.
  5. If your outfit does not match the advertised dress code description and you are on the guest list you will not be allowed entry.
  6. If you have paid a deposit for a table and arrive at the club night inappropriately dressed and not allowed entry (due to your dress code) you will lose this deposit paid and this deposit cannot be refunded back for this reason.
  7. Management or LUCKYDOGS cannot hold this item for later collection. It is not our nor their responsibility to retain your items.
  8. We believe the key to any good night out is planning and coordination. Let our staff help organise your night out, so that all you need to worry about is what to wear?